Technical Support

What are the Telecola service Internet speed requirements?

The minimum speed is 2 Mbps. Do not forget to check the connection speed. HD quality may require speeds of 4 Mbps and more.

Which devices are suitable for viewing?

  • Any Smart TV or any other digital TV with a special set-top box from Telecola.
  • A laptop or computer with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.
  • Smartphone or tablet that uses Android or iOS operating system. Install the Telecola mobile app through Google Play or App Store.
  • You can watch on any device with Internet access in any popular browser.

Can I use the Telecola service on multiple devices or TVs at the same time?

Easily! One login can be used simultaneously on up to 5 devices. This service is included in any package. The function works under the condition that all 5 devices have a common Internet connection and must be connected to the Internet through the same modem or router.

Is there Channel One of Russian television in the channel list?

Yes, Telecola is the official operator of Russian TV abroad.

How many channels are there? Where can I see the whole list?

A complete list of channels will be available immediately after passing the FREE registration on our Telecola.TV website. The list of channels may vary. It is constantly being updated and growing. Many new channels appear in it. We are constantly evolving to be always a priority for our subscribers. Therefore, the information in the list provided to the subscriber on the one day may differ from the same list in a week. And it can be misleading. In order to prevent this, the list is available to registered users on the website, where the information is always up to date.

Is there an archive? How far back does it go?

The 28-day archive is included in all packages.

Do you have a large video library? Is everything official?

Yes, everything is completely official. We have an agreement with the largest providers of legal content - Megogo video library with feature films, documentaries, cartoons, series, popular TV programs and shows, and much more.

Test login has ended. What should I do?

If you liked the service, the quality of broadcasting, you could buy the desired subscription package on our website.

What happens if I move? Will I be able to use Telecola service?

You can use the Telecola service anywhere in the world (except the Russian Federation), as long as you have access to the Internet.

Where can I get the username and password for viewing in the mobile application?

Username and password are digital and when you register you will get an e-mail on the e-mail address which you specified during registration. You can also find them in your personal account after registration.